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I am a philosophical mess

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I am a philosophical mess, a creature of non-stop thought-spinning brain pulses, creating their own self-sustaining virtual life . They generated profound questions: the meaning of this brief existence, the rules of a game called life. About humans, those chessboard figures, and each and every one of the most difficult classic philosophical questions.

The beginning of that mostly intellectual game was my openness to the ideas of others - particularly those who claimed to be at the very summit of the knowledge hierarchy. After years of searching I arrived at one simple, disillusioned answer: there are no savage men, who can produce clear answers to those questions. A few had perhaps been blessed with revelations - and those were hard to dismiss...only I have the right to believe in them or not.

Throughout that bloody battle in the name of truth - I was the one who chose to simply shop at amazon so I could forget that they even existed. Unless it is helpful for my health or business, and from those that I believe have a practical value, I have surrendered on the whole philosophical mess.

The search for meaning is exhausting because there is no end to it.

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