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We seek to stretch people’s boundaries, move their thoughts to a positive place while shining light on what is dark in the world. We believe that thoughts, expressed in the form of visual and written art, can change the world. 

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ILLUME.STUDIO is a creative team producing innovative, socially charged, thoughtful content across various media formats:  opinion pieces, stories, documentaries, short films, commercial or branded projects. 

The team is dedicated to the production of exceptional visual and written content in any format.  Focused on an individual approach to each partner or client, we transform unique ideas into compelling stories that touch the heart and mind. We are open to both commercial and non-commercial ideas, with one goal in mind - that together, we can take it to a whole new level. 

Film Set


Find your unique truth, transform the chaotic flow of thoughts into a compelling  script, blog, or article.


Video production

From single location to full-service professional video and photo shoots worldwide. Full curation of  pre- and post-production  processes.


Deliver on specific writing assignments or develop entire stories; conduct interviews for any type of media outlet. 


Web and media development

Develop ideas for all types of media, including web sites and social media platforms. Help you to establish a comprehensive  media presence.

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Our Team
Anna Kultin
Creative director
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“There is no ordinary story, just choose the right angle to see.“

Communications professional. Former TV anchor, journalist, producer and writer. Driven by a passion for telling stories on TV, radio, online – and in person. A perfectionist with an intense curiosity, always striving to see to the hidden core and to breath new life into an ordinary narrative.

AG Flitcher


"It’s what life throws at us that makes us grow"

AG Flitcher is a three time award-winning author, who actively supports the cause of foster children by donating his time and art. He teaches the art of storytelling to novice writers and avid readers. His obsession with questioning the good and bad in life permeates his enthralling and colorful projects. 

Dziana Hasanbekova
Director of Photography

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  • “Basically, I'm afraid of everything in life, except filmmaking.” 

Cinematographer, Director of Photography, with her heart on display for all to see. Dziana is a talented professional working in television, documentary and action filming.  Her experience ranges from creative branding for commercials to product placement.

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